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Tear Trough Treatments


Tear Trough Treatments

The groove between the upper cheek and lower eyelid is known as the tear trough. Lifestyle, insufficient sleep, hereditary factors or ageing can impact the soft tissues in this area. Loss of tissue volume may cause dark circles and hollowing under the eyes, which can make one look fatigued and aged. As the skin here is thin, the tear trough imperfections may become visible before the other signs of ageing.

A dermal filler treatment provides a non-surgical approach to alleviate these effects. A low-density filler, administered through a cannula in the area below the eyes can restore lost volume, plumping up the hollow areas. It can diminish dark circles, providing a brighter, smoother and rejuvenated under eye area.

Tear trough filler treatment is an advanced procedure and a trained and experienced practitioner is required for its optimal implementation. The technique adopted at Binley Woods Dentistry reduces risk and the local anaesthetic in the filler helps us to provide you with an experience as pain-free as possible.

  • Procedure Time
    30-45 minutes
  • Back to Work
  • Full Recovery
    2-7 days
  • On-Set of Results
  • Duration of Results
    9-12 months
  • Anaesthetic
  • Price

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